Why Advertisers Should Care About TaTaTu

We envision TaTaTu as a platform that brings harmony to the relationship between user, advertiser, and content creator. Advertising is a fundamental pillar in this relationship and should be approached in a different way. TaTaTu is a brand new type of media platform where we take our relationship with users one step further by treating them as true partners.

Advertisers are aware of the value of data within the industry. With that awareness, we need to engage in a new dialogue about a fair exchange of value between the advertiser and user. It’s no longer enough that content is free.

We have developed a relationship with users where we reward you in TaTaTu tokens for spending time and watching content on our platform. This currently does not exist in the advertising industry and we believe that users should be fairly compensated for the value created by their attention and data. Now is the time to put more power in the hands of the users.

Content creators exist in a world where their intellectual property is in constant risk of theft. We enable content creators to record and track their content on the blockchain in order to be fairly rewarded for their work.

We believe this type of relationship of between user, content creator, and platform is more balanced, transparent, and charitable. As an advertiser you can participate in our platform to bring more harmony to your relationship with users, to increase safety and security for your brand, and to connect authentically with your customers.

We’re asking advertisers to take a leap and be part of our bold new vision. Over the next several weeks, we will be explaining how our platform works in more detail and how we hope to shape the advertising industry.

TaTaTu Partners with Users

  • We reward users for their attention when they spend time watching content on our platform.
  • We create a new type of relationship where users explicitly agree to exchange their information in return for tokens.
  • Our rewards for users can also be used as donations to charity.

TaTaTu Partners with Content Creators

  • We provide content creators with a larger share of revenue and more monetisation opportunities compared to other media platforms.
  • We enable stronger tools for content creators to maintain control over their intellectual property and trace the rewards for their work.
  • Celebrities have a new platform to create differentiated content, engage with loyal fans, and reward their audience.

TaTaTu Partners with Advertisers

  • Our platform brings you a new kind of relationship with your customer that seeks more harmony in the advertising value exchange.
  • We provide security in terms of brand safety with all of our content being curated and transparency in terms of the user data we are sharing.
  • All user profiles are verified and all views and engagement metrics are real. You can trust TaTaTu as an authentic identity platform.

For the first time in history, we are building a three-way relationship of harmony between users, advertisers, and content creators. Through blockchain technology, we are providing people with premium content and delivering them rewards for their experience.

TaTaTu is a revolution in social entertainment, powered by the blockchain.

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